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4 Channel MDVR 2 x SD Card Storage AHD

4 Channel MDVR 2 x SD Card Storage AHD

Ref: MDVR430S

A mobile DVR with 4 channel recording. Suitable for vehicle use. This model uses the 4-PIN Aviation connectors so enabling the cameras to be powered from the MDVR. Storage is 2 x SD card with each card up to 128GB. Total 256GB. SD Card not included. Please order separately.
Use either AHD cameras with 720P resolution or Composite Video cameras 960TVL.
It is possible to mix the two types of camera with 2 AHD and 2 composite.
The 4 ch MDVR is ideal for taxis, bus, motorhome or HGV vehicles.

Price: 105.00 (126.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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